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Perpetual Wave Productions (PWP) was born in the early 2000s from a powerful desire to create our own systems and standards. This foundation allows us to offer unparalleled service to those aiming to achieve significant, collaborative, and impactful work within live spaces.


Our roots are deeply embedded in live theatre, giving us a clear understanding of how to effectively communicate ideas using constantly evolving technologies. Dedicated to mastering our craft, we've learned to produce impactful experiences and tell stories that resonate, regardless of the space or challenges we face, always ensuring the show goes on.


These lessons have been invaluable as we've expanded our expertise to various industries, helping to design, construct, and manage some of today's most cutting-edge experiences.


Perpetual Wave Productions is a collective of technically skilled artisans from diverse backgrounds. We're your go-to for everything technical related to live events, immersive experiences, and venues of all types—indoors and out. Our experience isn't limited to the stage; we're also adept at building the infrastructure and utilities necessary for these spaces. We make it a point to closely collaborate with our clients, understanding their immediate needs, working alongside all stakeholders, and crafting sustainable, long-term solutions. 


We believe in the boundless possibilities of design, art, technology, and ideas, striving always for the highest level of achievement in all we do.



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